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Rhythm Action Game ‘GIRLS’ GENERATION SHAKE’ has been Receiving Tremendous Popularity!

Rhythm Action Game ‘GIRLS’ GENERATION SHAKE’ has been Receiving Tremendous Popularity!

Ranked the 1st Place on iTunes Music Game Category in Asia!

A rhythm action game, ‘GIRLS’ GENERATION SHAKE,’ has been receiving tremendous popularity.

‘GIRLS’ GENERATION SHAKE (Developed by ‘dooub’),’ which was released on iTunes app store on the 18th, ranked the 1st on the music game category of iTunes in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. (counted from the 18th to 22nd), and it was in the upper ranks in the U.S., Australia, Canada, etc. as well.

Also, in countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore, ‘GIRLS’ GENERATION SHAKE’ application did not only top the music game category but also the overall app store chart on iTunes. It is especially an unprecedented case in Japan for a Korean music game to obtain an overall 5th position, so this proves Girls’ Generation’s influence in the music industry as well as the game industry.

Moreover, ‘GIRLS’ GENERATION SHAKE’ consists of songs from the 3rd album ‘THE BOYS’ and offers 13 languages including Korean, English, Japanese, etc. and Girls’ Generation’s existing hit songs will be updated.

Meanwhile, ‘GIRLS’ GENERATION SHAKE’ can be downloaded in worldwide iTunes app stores and Android version is scheduled to be released within the year.


nduterz91 said...

can't wait to try it :)
SNSD Fighting! ;)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning GG !! How are you ?

ruby said...

love snsd forever

xiiaojie said...

can give me download address ?

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